Design Elements We Love This Season!

Design Elements We Love This Season!

Since pandemic had us spending more time at home – we thought we would highlight some of the design elements we love this season.  From indoor personal spaces to large outdoor living rooms – we discovered there is so much to enjoy in our homes – we may never want to leave! 

Personalized Closets – We love working with clients to transform their closets into customized dressing rooms that reflect their personality and lifestyle.  However, a closet does not have to be large to be elegant.  Rather it’s about adhering to certain design principles, showcasing shoes or handbags as art, and including mirrors and lighting into your personalized design. 

Wet Rooms – Wbelieve wet rooms are brilliant - why not put all the splashy things in one protected glass enclosure. Having a freestanding modern tub inside your shower enclosure is luxurious and beautiful.  At yZiGN we follow trends to see what sticks and we believe the mega shower and tub combo has staying power for many reasons.  It’s sleek, smart and modern - so therefore expensive looking and it’s a departure from the norm.

Large Living Rooms – With more time spent at home – our clients are expanding their living spaces to include indoor/outdoor living rooms bringing the outdoors in.  It is a great way to expand your home and a welcome addition for many.  Fresh air, plants and sunshine helps to lift everyone's mental well-being especially as the coronavirus fatigue sets in.  Here are a couple of our favorite looks. 

The Color Pink - Often regarded as precious and girly, pink used to have a hard time proving itself as a serious contender when it comes to decorating a home. However, times have changed. In a subtle tone, pink can be extremely sophisticated. It can also be masculine or historic when layered with complimentary tones and textures.

Lighting As Art – Lighting is much more than just illumination.  It can be the focal point of a room or displayed as art within your space.  From chandeliers to table lamps there is so much we love about incorporating lighting into your design. 

Fresh Flowers - No matter the season, fresh flowers can make any room in your home feel colorful and happy.  Fresh Flowers can also replace art or books on a table and can improve your mood and overall feeling of happiness.  We love the integration of flowers and luxury in this stunning and sophisticated space. 

What sets yZiGN apart from other interior design firms is our natural talent, collaboration process, attention to detail, and our desire to push creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics. Iwona and Alex lead our team of designers to create spaces where our clients feel connected and comfortable at home. If you are looking to upgrade your home, connect with us at 301-718-8774 or to get started! 

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