Why Our Space Matters, Natural Elements & Color in Design

Why Our Space Matters, Natural Elements & Color in Design

When we think about interior design, we tend to focus on aesthetics. However, there is so much more to it than architectural, clean lines and beauty of the space. At yZiGN, we also incorporate the psychological and emotional effects of the various design elements when working with our clients. In taking this approach, we consider how the spaces our clients live in affect both their behavior and their interactions with others. From the impact of color and lighting, to the incorporation of nature and other design elements. 

Given how much time we spend at home these daysour space matters a great deal. From the moment you enter a room, you want to feel good. Whether it’s a feeling of productivity or of calm, colors and textures can be introduced to emotionally draw you in. 

It is equally as important to consider all members of your household when designing a space. You should consider the needs of each individual as well as the family as a whole. From a child’s room or quiet nook, to the parents office or yoga room – each personality is taken into consideration. At the center, the entire family can always come home to a place that feels welcoming and promotes bonding. 

On a broader scope, if you entertain guests often, this should also be reflected in your design. Think about the placement of seating, which should allow people to communicate without shouting. Consider how you’ll use lighting and music to set the mood and how you’ll position food and beverages to encourage mingling.  

Equally as important is the impact of color on mood. Even people who have little interest in interior design often recognize this relationship. They know that colorful flowers instantly make them feel good, and the green of nature leaves them feeling relaxed  

Color plays a major role in how we experience our environment. Here are some of the ways color affects us: 

  • Red adds warmth and it can make a space feel intimate.  
  • Blue calms and works well in gathering spaces with many people 
  • Green relaxes and creates the perfect blend between outside and inside. 
  • Gray focuses and works well in home offices. 
  • White is pure and works best when paired with accent colors. 

In addition to color, incorporating natural elements throughout the home has many benefits, which is one of the reasons we encourage it at yZiGNIt is believed that including aspects of nature in design impacts emotion, health and overall well-being. Increasing your interaction with the natural world may also boost creativity and productivity, so you should consider including slices of nature in playrooms and offices.  

Organization and functionality in design is another important aspect to consider. While you may have a few areas of your home that are purely aesthetic, most rooms and spaces serve a purpose. Without proper storage solutions and practical, functional elements, you may become very frustrated when you get down to the business of actually living in your home. Therefore, you should sit with your interior designer to discuss your organizational needs as a part of the planning process.

Designing spaces can feel overwhelming, so you should not hesitate to reach out to an Interior Designer to help you navigate all the elements that go into your home.  Remember, the purpose of interior design is to create a home in which you thriveWhen collaborating with yZiGN, you will have access to Interior Design professionals, products, fixtures, fabrics, textures, and the design direction you need to ensure your space meets your physical and emotional needs. 

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